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We have been asked quite often if there’s a possibility to charter one of the solar-powered luxury catamarans from SILENT-YACHTS. These requests inspired us to start the SILENT-YACHTS charter department – and this is a twofold opportunity: You have the possibility to charter one of our SILENT Yachts as well as to invest in and be part of our SILENT-CHARTER participation model.0

So what are the exclusive advantages of the SILENT-CHARTER participation model compared to other ship- or charter-investments?

  • High level of security as SILENT-YACHTS is always involved with 50+%
  • A well connected and highly professional charter agency for on site management
  • Wonderful handpicked cruising regions that guarantee a matchless cruising experience
  • Extended charter periods with charter seasons all over the year
  • A highly professional crew including an experienced captain with local knowledge and an exquisite chef
  • You can use the complete yacht for free for an amount of time per year according to your share and invite friends and family

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The SILENT-CHARTER cruising regions include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and South East Asia. E.g. a brand new SILENT 55 is available for exclusive yacht-charter in Myanmar, the former Burma, and cruise the wonderful and unspoiled Mergui Archipelago. This region was opened for tourism only seven years ago, it includes 800 islands, only 40 are inhabited. According to the New York Times the Mergui Archipelago is one of the ten destinations every person should have visited once in their lifetime!

The SILENT-CHARTER yachts are marketed worldwide, professionally managed on site and operated by a crew consisting of a captain, a deckhand and a chef. As an investor you become shareholder in an investment company based in Austria. The company owns the yacht and manages the charter business.

If you can imagine an engagement in a solar powered SILENT yacht in the most beautiful cruising regions of the world to diversify your portfolio and to be involved in a profitable investment, please contact Mr. Mathias May ( He will also be more than ready to answer question you might have, in the meantime please refer to our Q&A section down here. We would look forward to have you “on board”!

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Questions & Answers

How many shares can I buy? SILENT-YACHTS offers the opportunity to invest in a minimum of 1% which is equivalent to 20.000 € and a maximum of 49% as a share of the yacht.

To whom do I pay my money, what do I get for it? You transfer to the account of “Silent 55 Myanmar LTD”. You are a registered shareholder, holding the respective amount of shares of the company.

Who is the owner of the Yacht? The yacht is owned by an Austrian company (Austrian law), every investor is a shareholder of this company.

Can I use the yacht myself? Yes, you receive free usage of a double cabin on your yacht. You will be able to collect the days, to sell your free days to somebody else or come on board and – if necessary – purchase a few more days for your family and friends.

What, if I want to sell my share in a couple of years? SILENT-YACHTS guarantees to purchase your share with an annual deduction of 10% which represents the amortization rate. You can sell your shares at any time to anyone else for a price you agree upon with the purchaser.

Who will take care of the Yacht on site? We at SILENT YACHTS will take care of the whole business, insurance, manning of the yacht and promote the yacht on a world wide base.

How much profit will I get and when? Your revenue on the business depends on the number of shares you hold and will be transferred annually in May to the account of your choice.

Who will check if the business is managed correctly? At the end of each business year all numbers are checked by a tax consultant and then shown to the shareholders. All legal action will be taken and controlled by a notary.

Will any money kept back for future expenses? No, we can cover all expenses from the charter income. If for any reason a larger amount of money is required, SILENT-YACHTS as the largest shareholder will credit it.

What happens if the boat will be seriously damaged? The yacht is fully insured against all risks (comprehensive coverage). The indemnification payments will be made for the benefit of the company “Silent 55 Myanmar” whose shareholders will decide to replace it for a new boat to continue the business or to share the money among the shareholders.

When will the boat be available for charter? The SILENT 55 is available for charter since mid of December 2018.

What is the purchase price for a share? The total cost of the boat – included all optional equipment, additional charter equipment like cutlery, linen, towels, paddle boards, snorkeling equipment, tender with outboard, wakeboard, shipping and transfer costs, handling fees and import taxes is above 2.000.000 Euro. After the deduction of a discount of 10% granted by Silent Yachts the official sales price is 1.8 mil Euro for 100 %. Only 49 % are for sale, 51 % will be owned by SILENT-YACHTS.